Autism Services

About Our ABA Services for Autism

We recognize the tremendous need for ABA services for autism in Michigan. The landscape of service options will undoubtedly grow. A review of the state’s Autism Plan ( clearly indicates work to be done that will help families navigate and locate appropriate services. We carefully consider how our service model can help close some of the gaps as recommended in the Autism Plan and we look forward to collaborating within the evolving system of autism services in Michigan.

Our ABA services are available to families experiencing behavioral challenges from autism for age birth to 18 and for whom ABA treatment has been recommended by a designated diagnostic center in Michigan (e.g. University of Michigan, Henry Ford Health, Children’s Hospital, Spectrum Health, Oakwood Health Service). We anticipate our program admission age to extend into adulthood as our resources are developed to support such.

Our services include behavioral assessment and treatment from a BCBA as outlined within recommendations set forth by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board ( Typical program instruction and activity engagement of a child with autism can involve 25-40 hours per week, and we provide our trained and supervised behavior technicians for such program delivery. In some case, we might not be able to deploy a technician to your particular location. In such circumstances, our board certified behavior analysts (BCBA’s) can train and supervise technicians which you might have already located in your area.

We’ve constructed our service model through partnering with several experts who fulfill needed (HIPAA) compliance measures and who offer useful and state-of-the-art technology which enables us to deliver training and supervision to technicians and families while maintaining low costs to help contain the allowable insurance spending caps established by the Michigan legislature (i.e., annually, $50,000 from birth–6; $40,000 from ages 7-12; $30,000 from 13-18 years of age).

We’ve partnered with:

  • MRC Billing for insurance billing, HIPAA compliant clinical data transmission and storage;
  • Online Tech for HIPAA compliant web hosting and clinical intake data storage;
  • Be Well Communication for the delivery of a portion of our training and supervision via patent-pending technology known as Personal Video Guidance, also HIPAA compliant in its data transmission and storage.