Brain Injury Services

About Our ABA Services for Brain Injury

Behavior Consultants, Inc has provided specialized behavior analysis services to the Michigan brain-injury community since 1993.  We have extended services to persons with spinal cord injuries as well.  We are a community-based program and therefore come to the places where our clients’ live, work and learn.  Our services require a prescription from our clients’ physician (usually Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or Psychiatry).  We serve persons at any age.  Our clients might live alone, in a residential or apartment program (of another provider) or at home with family.  In all cases, an ABA solution requires that consistent implementation of our plan and observational data are recorded.  We will train those (our technicians, another company’s aids or family members) responsible for such implementation.

Behavior Analysis Service involves observational assessment, behavior plan development and revisions, training and education of caregivers, implementing programs and booster training or follow-up for the purpose of changing (increasing / decreasing) specific target behaviors.  A general goal is to gain program effectiveness and transfer a maintenance plan to a family member or other caregiver prior to our consultant fading from the setting.

Productive Social Activity (PSA) Enhancement involves assessment of community PSA environments, training of community “agents” who facilitate our clients’ active participation within planned, community activities with a general goal of minimizing our clients’ reliance on the rehabilitation professional.

Home Structure services involve our custom behavioral design of a person’s home and community activity routine to allow for productive social activity engagement and pursuit of their highest level of independence.  We utilize goal setting and contingency management strategies which enable client and caregiver to maintain accountability for implementation of the structure.

Develop & Train Your Caregiver(s):   Our Behavior Analysts develop a specific behavior plan and includes establishing goal levels and incentives to maintain them.  Management of social behavior within the home and community settings is tracked via data collection.

Develop & Our Technician(s) Implement:  In some cases implementation of our home structure by family caregivers is challenging.  Our Behavior Technicians are trained to assist family members with implementing the structured programs for their loved ones.  Depending on circumstances we may fade our assistance, allowing the family caregiver to resume implementation or we can provide on-going implementation services of our developed home structure.

Supervision Assessment is service lead by our Behavior Analysts in which we help a physician determine the amount of therapeutic supervision time required to implement a program to assist a person with a brain injury to perform aspects of his / her daily living routine.  We first determine the extent of a problem related to the brain injury (not simply an age-appropriate problem), then design (if not already present) a therapeutic program to manage the problem and finally determine the time required to implement the program.

My Michigan Friends is a program in which we help to socially integrate persons with brain injuries with their peers.  We offer a schedule of community-based planned activities which include conversational skill assessment and training. The activities and social skill training can occur on one of our day trips or through one of our weekend (Friday morning through Sunday evening) trips.