Staff Training

Adhering to our mission to positively influence as many lives as possible through collaborative care initiatives, we offer several staff training modules which permit others in human services who encounter challenging behavior with their clients to learn proven and effective techniques.


Professional Crisis Management (PCM) is an advanced crisis management system that focuses on early identification and prevention of crisis or a potential crisis before it occurs. PCM includes, Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention and Post- Crisis Intervention. This advance training incorporates both hands on and competency based training methods to ensure the highest level of effective skill acquisition.  PCM is the only crisis management system that guarantees crisis prevention and intervention with safety, dignity and effectiveness.

Behavior Consultants provides training in PCM strategies to clinicians, caregivers and agencies. PCM training includes specialized training procedures for children, adolescents, and adults. PCM provides a variety of programs, which teach a range of verbal and physical strategies for managing crisis situations. This course includes options for four types of Practitioner certifications including a Basic Practitioner (6 hour course), Certified Practitioner (14 hour course), Certified Practitioner 1 (18 hour course), Certified Practitioner 2 Prone, Supine or Both (22 hour course).

BehaviorTools™ participants gain an interactive and informative experience in which they learn behavioral strategies that work quickly. The BehaviorTools™ courses were developed by the Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA) using evidence based techniques derived from the most recent, well established behavioral research and principles.  The BehaviorTools™ courses taught are used in homes, schools, residential centers, day programs, and in a variety of other settings. The BehaviorTools™ methods work well with adults, teenagers and children of all levels of functional.  Behavior Consultants offers two courses:

BehaviorTools™ Basic Practitioner Course in which participants will learn to:

  • Identify coercion and punishment commonly used to change behavior
  • Identify the effects of coercive and punishment on people
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Strengthen Relationships BehaviorTool™
  • Describe the benefits of using Strengthen Relationships BehaviorTool™
  • Describe the value of, and demonstrate empathy statements
  • Define behavior, consequences, reinforcement and its effects
  • Demonstrate the steps of Use Reinforcement Tool
  • Define “Junk Behavior” and Discuss Why it Happens
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Pivot Tool

BehaviorTools™ Practitioner Course in which participants will learn to:

  • Discuss how to effectively set expectations with someone
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Set Expectations Tool
  • Discuss how to effectively make and implement a behavior contract
  • Demonstrate the steps of the Make a Contract Tool
  • Discuss how to review and evaluate a behavior contract
  • Discuss factors that influence behavior
  • Analyze Behavior and identify replacement behaviors
  • Demonstrate all Tools in a variety of situations

Since PCMA is an accrediting body, anyone attending may choose to participate in the certification program which documents their proficiency in the skills taught.  Some of the benefits of PCMA accreditation:

  • Highly Educated and Credentialed Experts
  • Objective and Independent Certification
  •  High Certification Standards
  • Proper Certification Records Maintenance

Behavior Consultants, Inc. has made each of the BehaviorTools™ courses available in several forms for training in an effort to meet the needs of our consumers.  Note:  the class size for both options is between 5-15 participants.


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