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A letter from the founder, Craig Bitter.

Behavior Consultants, Inc (BC) was founded over 30 years ago by then behavior analyst, Craig Bitter MS, who pioneered the application of applied behavior analysis (ABA) within clients’ homes, throughout Michigan.  Seeking to help families who had a member with an acquired brain injury, Craig focused on functional observational assessment and data recording from families, behavior technicians, job coaches and teachers within homes, communities, workplaces and schools.  A team effort forged solid behavioral treatment plans to improve daily living and social skills while reducing unwanted behaviors.  Collaboration with interagency professionals was critical to acquiring and maintaining successful outcomes.  The same holds true, today!

Craig relied upon meeting families in their place, with what they were equipped to do and in search of their goals.  Each family’s situation remains unique and respected by all BC staff.  Craig’s pursuit of high fidelity, treatment integrity and ethical service delivery shows in the many qualified and skilled providers who work at BC. Expertise in the field and bringing a sense of warmth to “kitchen-table” sessions has spilled over to our Brighton center location for services. A place where those on the ASD, and our brain injury clients, can feel the presence of caring while they learn, grow and achieve!

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