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Traumatic Brain Injury Population

Injuries to the head can contribute to a significant number of permanent disabilities. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a form of acquired brain injury resulting from physical force to the head (e.g., fall, sports injury, motor vehicle accident). The severity of a brain injury can range from a mild to a severe injury that results in coma or even death.

Behavior Consultants works with both adults and children whom have sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We work with clients and families post injury to assist them in getting back as close to their premorbid levels of functioning as possible. Common deficits following a traumatic brain injury include difficulty in processing information, impaired judgment and reasoning, maladaptive behaviors, and engaging in socially inappropriate behavior. As a result of these struggles, it can lead to exclusion from social events, education and possibly employment opportunities. When injured, these deficits can become apparent in the months or even years following the injury.

In addition to working with clients to reduce maladaptive behaviors, Behavior Consultants also works on skill acquisition or reacquisition of behaviors that may have been lost following the injury. Acquisition skills may be establishing structure into the day or routines, increasing independence with activities of daily living, and teaching adaptive social skills.

Our focus is to work with the client and family on these behaviors in order for the client to function in the most independent and least restrictive environment. Behavior Consultants focuses on in home/environment programming. Our goal is to teach, train and modify behavior in the setting where it needs it the most. We do this by working closely with all family members, teachers and caregivers to get the best outcome as possible across all settings.

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Our mission is to improve our clients’ social functioning, enhance their independence and engage them in productive activities. As team players, we seek to positively influence as many lives as possible through collaborative care initiatives with providers of similar focus. We accomplish our mission adhering to the ethics and principles of applied behavior analysis.

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