Recognizing Autism

The CDC reports 1 in 44 children to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Core deficits of autism, across individuals, are noticed primarily in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Social Interactions
  • Repetitive Behavior

Although Autism is a spectrum disorder and strengths and challenges will vary across individuals in the areas specified, some common indicators that may be noticed include:

  • Communication: delay in language, or loss of language skills
  • Social Interactions: inconsistent eye contact when interacting with others; lack of interest in activities others are engaging in; non-responding when name is called or to greetings from others
  • Repetitive behavior: occurrence of persistent, repetitive behavior that appears to serve no purpose in the environment such as hand flapping, body rocking, spinning. Other behaviors that may be noticed include lining up of object, and repetitively pressing buttons on toys that produce an auditory sound.

The indicators listed above do not constitute an inclusive list.

If you have concerns regarding the possibility of an autism diagnosis for your child please speak to your pediatrician and/or seek an evaluation from an approved evaluation center:

Beaumont Children’s Hospital Center for Human Development (248) 691-4744

University Pediatricians Autism Center (248) 305-6172

Central Autism Assessment & Treatment Center at CMU (989) 774-3904

Covenant Center for Autism (989) 671-5757

Henry Ford Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (313) 916-4665

Michigan State University – Department of Psychiatry (517) 353-3070

UP Health System Marquette – Specialty Clinic (906) 225-4778

Oakwood Center for Exceptional Families (313) 996-1960

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services (616) 258-7500

Spectrum Health Medical Group (616) 267-2830

University Center for the Child and Family, U of M (734) 764-9466

University of Michigan Health System (734) 764-9466

Wardcliff Autism Evaluation Center (517) 664-2556

Western Evaulation Center for Autsim and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (269) 387-7011

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